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Sometimes the Little Moments Suck

Enjoy the little moments. That is what all the parenting sources tell us. I try to enjoy the little things on a daily basis. Finding joy in the moments instead of rushing through their childhood is at the top of my priority list. Most days I do pretty darn good. Until we spend time in the bathroom. Then those little moments suck! As shared on previous posts, because of issues at birth, we spend A LOT of time in the bathroom.

Don’t get me wrong. As a special needs parent, having a child that actually can use the bathroom appropriately (when she wants to of course) is not lost on me. I AM thankful for that! However, there are moments I could do without. Moments that I want to rush through, moments where I feel if I spend one more second in them, that I will literally implode!

For instance, when there areĀ  brushes, lipsticks, lotions, and other random bathroom items swiped off counters and inserted into the toilet at lightning speed, that is when I could do without the little moments.

Having a child who squirms off the potty before the job is complete and leaving a trail of excretions like a snail, makes me want to pull my hair out. Little moment NOT cherished.

Sitting on the bathroom floor, singing the Wheels on the Bus for a soul crushing number of times (with the possibility of getting kicked in the face if said Angel child decides she is “done”=snail reenactment all over again) is a moment I could rush through.

The smell. In a small space. Enough said. Moment that could be passed on!

I often get impatient in moments like this. I lose sight of all the hurdles she has overcome because the challenge we are in during THAT moment sucks. It is in moments like this where I wish for just a bit more normalcy. Where I long for is a quick trip to the bathroom that doesn’t need constant redirection, praise, and some more redirection.

Then the moment passes. We made it through another daily hurdle. I realize, usually feeling a bit of guilt, that this is normal. Our normal. Our normal is usually pretty wonderful. Filled with hugs, kisses, and cuddles to melt your heart. Other times, normal isn’t so wonderful. I am still coming to grips that it is ok to not enjoy the taxing moments. It is ok not to cherish all the moments of special needs parenting. It is ok. I am ok. I am a work in progress!