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The Wheels Are Falling Off!

The wheels on that bus are falling off! I could not be more sick and tired of singing soul sucking children’s song. When my children request these songs be played in the car, I feel a tiny bit more of myself die inside. I try so hard to block out the music, focus on the passing scenery; but inevitably, my heart rate quickness, my grasp on the steering wheel tightens, and my eyelid starts to involuntarily twitch. The wheels on the bus need to fall off and run into a ditch!

I went through stages with children’s music.  Stage one was the baby stage where you softly sing lullabies and snuggle up to a relaxing baby. Ahhh, now those are good moments!

Stage two. The toddler stage where clapping and rhyming are means to encourage language. What parent wouldn’t sign up for this cutsie stage that will ultimately benefit their child? The familiar rhymes bring comfort and closeness to your child. Music to my ears!

Stage three: Hell. Literally Hell on Earth! My little Chromosome Cutie CRAVES routine. I’m cool with that! Other than the times where she craves the same songs on replay. On the radio, from my mouth, etc. Throw in a little Caillou into this rotation, and you can truly commiserate with me! How about the Tooty Ta song? Have you heard that one? If not, consider yourself so very fortunate! Music can be so educational. It IS educational for my girls. It promoted speech in Sophia, and for that I am grateful! Music can also be a slow, painful death to your soul.

Enter some throw back Hip-Hop!

Dr. Dre, Snoop, Salt-N-Pepa, mixed in with a little Notorious B.I.G to name a few!  I have found myself turning this music on full blast on my way to work, sometimes with windows down, in order to eradicate the remnants of that bus, and its wheels, out of my car. I have found, it helps!

My husband will look at me and ask “You know this song? ” As if it is being sung in an alien tongue (ok, I admit, it kinda is!)  I want to shout back ,”How can you NOT know this song! ” It reminds me of the days of my youth, where I was in high school, with not a care in the world. The singing of these songs allows me to  momentarily regain my mom sanity. I count that as a win! You have to find something that is just yours. That no one else wants or needs from you. You have to find little glimmers of life that make you smile. I must admit, anyone that looks at me, would not think I like Hip-Hop music, let alone can sing many songs fully from memory,  and that makes me smile.

What silly things give you a momentary break from reality? I would love to hear!